Mincom Pty Ltd is a software and services company providing business software to industries such as mining, public infrastructure, defense, and oil and gas in more than 40 countries across North America, South America, Australia, South East Asia, Africa, and Europe. Mincom Inc. operates in North America and is a subsidiary of Mincom Pty Ltd. Mincom employs 1200 people in 24 offices across six continents.

Mincom products:

  • Ellipse - EAM-solution for mining companies;
  • Integration Platform - ESB-solution, like Microsoft BizTalk, that could transfer only XML-data;
  • MineScape - CAD-like system, able to connect with Ellipse by process of copying simple flat file;
  • some others :-)

Mincom provides interfaces for outer applications. Whole system named Connector. It consists of

  1. COM-objects
    • MIMSX - main tube for data interchange;
    • MIMSDA - OLE DB provider. It seems to me, it's working through MIMSX;
    • MIMS Repository - contains all informnation about methods, fields (types and lengths) inside MIMSX
    • some others :-)
  2. MIMSJ - something, that alows Java-applications get access to Ellipse. I've never seen it.
  3. some others :-)



Concept of Mincom Ellipse .NET Connector

Samples: Downloading data from Ellipse

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